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Get ready to revolutionize your form experience with Youreka's Turbine release! Join our exclusive webinar to discover the game-changing features and enhancements that will transform the way you collect, manage, and visualize data. Our expert team will showcase the power of Sketch Pad, Mobile State Recovery, and the latest updates to Youreka Maps and Youreka Fuse, providing you with the insights and tools you need to streamline your workflows and drive unprecedented productivity. Don't miss this opportunity to take your form experience to new heights – register now and secure your spot in the future of form-filling!

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Gary Stom

Gary Stom
Director of Solution Engineering

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Jasmin Sanchez
Sr Product Manager

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Turbine Spotlight Features:

Sketch Pad Icon

Sketch Pad

Revolutionize Your Forms with Freehand Drawing and Annotation

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Youreka Maps Icon

Youreka Maps

Visualize Your Progress with Custom Pin Colors and In-Map Form Access

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Youreka Fuse Icon

Youreka Fuse

Elevate your workflow by completing Youreka forms directly within your Salesforce Field Service App

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Mobile State Recovery

Mobile State Recovery

Auto-Save Your Work and Pick Up Right Where You Left Off

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Youreka Fuse Icon

Table Sections

Enhance data collection and configuration for smoother, more flexible workflows

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Sketch Pad - Part of Advanced Data Collection

Revolutionize your communication and efficiency by providing visual context with Sketch Pad. Break free from the constraints of text-based responses and embark on a new era of visual communication. With Sketch Pad, you can now create detailed sketches, diagrams, and annotations directly within your forms, empowering you to convey complex ideas with clarity and precision.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhances communication by enabling users to convey complex ideas visually.
  • Boosts efficiency by minimizing the need for lengthy text-based responses.
  • Sparks creativity by offering a platform for users to express their ideas through sketches.
  • Seamlessly integrates with the existing photo markup experience for a comprehensive visual communication toolkit.

Youreka Maps

The Turbine release takes Youreka Maps to the next level, delivering a range of game-changing updates designed to revolutionize the way users interact with and leverage location-based data. With the ability to assign custom colors to map pins, seamlessly access forms directly within the map interface, and easily toggle layers on and off, you'll gain unparalleled insights, streamline your workflows, and make better-informed decisions.

Key Improvements:

  • Improves accessibility by allowing users to display forms directly within the Map.
  • Elevates data visualization through custom pin coloring.
  • Optimizes user experience with the migration of Map Settings to Mobile Admin.
  • Amplifies flexibility by allowing users to toggle layers on and off for customized map views.
Youreka Maps operational data layer Youreka Maps GIS layer Youreka Maps base layer

Youreka Fuse

Fuse - join or blend to form a single entity - this text need to be highlighted

The Turbine release brings a range of updates to Youreka Fuse, aimed at providing continued optimization for field technicians, ensuring a seamless experience when using Youreka's robust form capabilities within the Salesforce Field Service application. With enhanced functionality for guided validation, dependent picklists, and date/time questions, along with improved form submission and data saving, you'll streamline your field service operations and maximize productivity like never before.

Key Improvements

  • Ensures smooth form submission and data saving by resolving various errors and issues.
  • Augments functionality for guided validation, dependent picklists, and date/time questions.
  • Improves user experience with fixes for button visibility and form loading.

Mobile State Recovery

Protect your data and maintain seamless recovery with Mobile State Recovery. Put your worries about losing progress to rest. We are always striving to deliver the most stable, predictable version of our app, but we can't control everything on our user's devices. Mobile State Recovery automatically saves your work, guaranteeing that you can resume right where you left off, even if the app is shut down.

Key Benefits

  • Safeguards against data loss by automatically saving user progress.
  • Minimizes costs associated with lost work hours.
  • Maintains data security and integrity by retrieving form answers after unexpected app closures.

Table Sections - Part of Advanced Data Collection

Turbine release now enables Template Builders to create tables with customizable column sizes. This functionality provides greater control over data presentation, resulting in a more engaging and visually appealing form experience.

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