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Streamlined Single-App Experience with Solar Release

Join Jasmin and Gary to see how you can streamline your end users' mobile experience by potentially removing one or two apps from their devices. Gain firsthand insight into our breakthrough features and significant enhancements. Immerse yourself in a dynamic live demo, uncover the secrets of streamlined operations, and engage in an enlightening Q&A session. Watch now!

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Gary Stom

Gary Stom
Director of Solution Engineering

Jasmin Sanchez

Jasmin Sanchez
Product Manager

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Solar Spotlight Features:

Youreka Maps Icon

Youreka Maps (Beta)

Visualize work orders, assets and more with dynamic mapping, online and offline.

Youreka Fuse Icon

Youreka Fuse (Beta)

Fuse Youreka with the Salesforce Field Service App for a seamless single-app experience.

Table Sections Icon

Table Sections (GA)

Enhance data collection and configuration for smoother, more flexible workflows.

Youreka Maps (Beta)

Youreka Mobile streamlines the organization of on-site work for field service teams, but currently, it requires a separate app to map out all your tasks. This can introduce potential challenges, such as users forgetting to initialize one of the apps. Or if the two apps lose synchronization?

Youreka Maps allows you to display work orders, appointments, assets, or any other primary object on a map as a series of pinpoints. You can even display any custom map layer data alongside those pinpoints to give your end users all the context they need to select the right point.

For field technicians, this innovation means navigating the workday with unparalleled ease. This transformative feature empowers technicians with the autonomy to make informed, on-the-spot decisions, optimizing their schedules for enhanced productivity. Youreka Maps is more than a tool; it's a game-changer, reshaping the essence of field service by streamlining every step of the process.

Youreka Maps Screenshot

Key Benefits:

  • Cut down on extra applications/Decrease dependency on additional applications by centralizing mapping and task management in Youreka
  • Streamline planning with visual route optimization, directly reducing truck rolls
  • Enhance field autonomy, allowing technicians to leverage a map and determine the next best course of action

Youreka Fuse (Beta)

Fuse - join or blend to form a single entity

Ignite your field service capabilities with Youreka Fuse, a pioneering feature that marries Youreka with the Salesforce Field Service App for an unmatched data collection and management experience. This innovative integration embeds Youreka's functionality in SFS mobile with a few simple clicks, allowing users to effortlessly fill out and manage forms in real-time, without ever leaving Salesforce Field Service mobile. Youreka Fuse streamlines field service mobile workflow, eliminates the hassle of switching between applications and boosts productivity by enabling you to capture and utilize critical data on the fly.

Embrace the seamless synergy of Youreka and Salesforce, and propel your operations to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness. Welcome to the future of field service, where every form is a step towards smarter, faster decision-making.

Key Benefits:

  • Seamless single app experience
  • Unified mobile database for higher levels of a data integrity
  • Simplified sync process that allows faster preparation to start and end the day

Advance Data Collection - Table Sections (GA)

Use tables to elevate the way your teams collect, display, and interact with data. Unlock enhanced data collection and form customization with the upgraded Table Sections, designed for smoother workflows and greater flexibility.

Key Improvements:

  • Gather data faster with intuitive and space saving table layouts
  • Gather comprehensive information with versatile data collection methods
  • Simplify form development with faster template customization
  • Create new levels of context for your users by embedding content into table layouts

Use Cases:

Sales/Service Quotes Screenshot
Sales/Service Quotes
Diagnostic Testing Screenshot
Diagnostic Testing
Field Assessments and Quotes Screenshot
Field Assessments and Quotes
Clinical Health Assessment Screenshot
Clinical Health Assessment

**Please note this feature is only available to users with Template Builder Licenses and an Advanced Data Collection License is required. Please reach out to our support team for information and activation.

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