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Revolutionizing Field Operations and Asset Maintenance in the Energy Sector

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Tailored to field service professionals in the energy industry, this webinar explores the challenges associated with Field Operations and Asset Maintenance. Discover how innovative approaches, powered by the partnership of Salesforce, Youreka, and Diabsolut, can drive success and optimize your field service operations. Effective field operations and asset maintenance are essential. For energy companies to ensure operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and maximize the lifespan of critical assets. In this webinar, we delve into the transformative potential of Salesforce, Youreka, and Diabsolut, offering you comprehensive solutions to address these challenges and achieve success through innovation.

Our Featured Speakers:

Jason Olbekson
Jason Olbekson - Industry GTM Director, Energy

Jason is responsible for the Salesforce go-to-market strategy for energy, based out of Houston, TX. In working with Salesforce’s largest energy customers, Jason has an extraordinary pulse on how the industry is applying digital technology to solve their most critical business challenges. He brings 20+ years of energy industry experience across operations, technology and sales leadership as well as a passion for the power of technology to improve our work and personal lives.

Naeem Khalid
Naeem Khalid, Vice-President, Professional Services, Diabsolut

Naeem is an executive consultant with 19 years of experience in Workforce Management Solutions, supporting Diabsolut’s largest clients in several verticals as a trusted advisor and helping clients realize the potential in their Field Service organizations. Naeem currently oversees Diabsolut’s Salesforce Field Services practice.

Peter McMullan
Peter McMullan, Solutions Consultant, Diabsolut

As a seasoned member of the Pre-Sales team Peter brings an expertise in service management, focusing on field service and improving operations within service organizations. His background in engineering gives him a fresh, solution-driven perspective that he leverages to analyze problems. Peter proves himself to be a trusted advisor to Diabsolut and customers through his understanding of business analysis, process improvement, development, and configuration in designing and demonstrating tailored solutions.

Gary Stom
Gary Stom, Director of Solutions Engineering, Youreka

Gary has over 15 years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem. He comes from our product management team and now serves as our Director of Solution Engineering here at Youreka. He brings a wealth of platform expertise as a five-time certified Salesforce specialist. Gary is at the forefront of all of our prospect and customer conversation and helps provide a strategic mindset for cutting-edge Youreka use cases, especially our field service programs.


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