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Youreka's Reactor Release

Revolutionizing data collection, display and interaction.

Discover the Reactor Release: Join Gary Stom, Director of Solution Engineering, and Jasmin Sanchez, Product Manager as they unveil the latest features and enhancements delivered in the Reactor Release. Dive into spotlight features, experience a live demo, and engage in an interactive Q&A session. Don't miss out on this insightful event!

  • Gary Stom

    Gary Stom
    Director of Solution Engineering

  • Jasmin Sanchez

    Jasmin Sanchez
    Product Manager

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Reactor Spotlight Features

  • Table Section Feature Beta

    Table Section Feature (Beta)

  • Addition of Objects for Linked Sections

    Addition of Objects for Linked Sections

Table Section Feature (Beta)

Use tables to elevate the way your teams collect, display, and interact with data.

Introducing the Beta of our cutting-edge Table Section Feature! With this powerful addition, template builders can effortlessly create tables within forms, eliminating the need for custom CSS. This feature empowers you to effortlessly organize and present data in a structured grid or tabular layout, offering your users a streamlined and efficient way to collect, display, and interact with information. This feature is enabled with the purchase of an Advanced Data Collection license.

Key Benefits:

  • Save valuable time while providing and comparing data.
  • Enjoy seamless table viewing across all device types.
  • Say goodbye to CSS dependency for table creation within forms.
  • Elevate your form's user experience, aligning it with your organizational requirements.

Unlock the potential of our Table Section Feature today with an Advance Data Collection license!

Common Use Cases:

Sales/Service Quotes

Diagnostic Testing

Field Assessments and Quotes

Clinical Health Assessment

Please note this feature is only available to users with Template Builder Licenses and an Advanced Data Collection License is required. Please reach out to our support team for information and activation.


New Objects for Linked Sections

Gather more data in the field with the ability to add linked sections for the following objects:

  • Opportunity Line Items
  • Products Consumed
  • Product Request

Within Salesforce, there are certain lookup fields that are unchangeable, referred to as "non-reparentable." Unfortunately, the objects mentioned above fell into this category. However, Youreka now supports the creation of linked sections for these objects, allowing users to incorporate lookups directly into their forms.

Key Benefits:

  • Ability to gather more contextual data than ever before, revolutionizing your data collection process.

Reactor Release Webinar

Missed the Reactor Release Webinar? No worries, this valuable resource is now available on demand.


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