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Youreka's Quantum Release

Transforming Field Work with Customized Experiences

Discover the Quantum Release: Join Dan Bergner, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, and Gary Stom, Director of Solution Engineering, as they unveil the latest features and enhancements. Dive into spotlight features, experience a live demo, and engage in an interactive Q&A session. Don't miss out on this insightful event!

  • Dan Bergner

    Dan Bergner
    Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

  • Gary Stom

    Gary Stom
    Director of Solution Engineering

  • Image descriptionWednesday, 6 Sept, 2023
  • Image description 12pm ET / 9am PT


Youreka Nuclear Release Mobile Accelerators
Youreka Nuclear Release Mobile Accelerators

Quantum’s Spotlight Features

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    Mobile Profiles

  • New Mobile App Stability

    Read-Only Forms

  • Date/Time Formula Enhancement

Mobile Profiles

Unleashing Unique Customization for Your Field Workers

Discover the power of Youreka’s new Mobile Profiles feature, designed to revolutionize how you tailor the mobile field work experience. With Mobile Profiles, scalability reaches new heights as you configure Youreka Mobile Settings and Offline Data at the profile level, empowering multiple user groups with personalized app configurations. With Mobile Profiles, create a personalized and custom experience that enhances productivity and efficiency in the field. 

Key Benefits:

  • Multiple Youreka Mobile Setting configurations per organization, offering unparalleled flexibility
  • Customize access to specific mobile cards, data sets, and new form buttons for individual user profiles 
  • Harness the full potential of Youreka across multiple teams within your company
  • Selectively sync Object Records to Salesforce when user choose “Prep for Offline”
  • Enable or disable check-ins and distance tracking for designated user profiles

Read-Only Forms

Enhancing Field-Service Efficiency

Empower your teams with unparalleled data visibility, integrity, and compliance through Read-Only Forms. Available on the New Mobile App and Web, this new feature allows the effortless viewing of forms in a non-editable state, transforming the field-service experience.

Key Benefits:

  • View form data without making changes, recall prior visits and the data captured at that time 
  • Seamlessly comply with organizational requirements
  • Ensure data integrity and compliance throughout the process

Experience the power of Read-Only Forms, revolutionizing how your team accesses and leverage form data. Elevate your field service operations with this indispensable functionality.

Date/Time Formula Enhancement

Date/Time Comparison: Optimize Form Accessibility Tracking

New "First Form Open Time" and "Latest Form Open Time" tracking, representing significant advancements in tracking form accessibility across the mobile app and web platform.

Key Benefits:

  • Calculate important time durations and adjust procedures/display logic accordingly 
  • Explore new variables to compare Date/Time effortlessly
  • Gain insights into form accessibility, tracking open instances
  • Enhance reporting capabilities with detailed usage data

Empower your team with enhanced tracking and analysis, taking your Youreka experience to new levels.

Quantum Release Webinar

Don't forget to register for our Quantum Release Webinar with
 Dan Bergner, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer and Gary Stom, Director of Solution Engineering


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