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Youreka's Ohm Release

Optimizing Mobile Experience for Field Service, Globally

Join us as we unpack the Ohm Release with Daniel Goldstein, VP Product Management and Gary Stom, Director of Product Management. We’ll cover spotlight features, demos, and take your questions.

  • Daniel Goldstein

    Daniel Goldstein
    VP Product Management

  • Gary Stom

    Gary Stom
    Director of Product Management

  • Image description Thurs, 02 February, 2023
  • Image description 1pm ET / 10am PT
Youreka Nuclear Release Mobile Accelerators
Youreka Nuclear Release Mobile Accelerators

General Availability of Youreka’s new mobile app!

Our new app provides mobile workers with the best experience, improving their satisfaction and adoption of Youreka.

  • Faster loading times, for a more responsive and improved user experience
  • Rebuilt from the ground up leveraging ReactJS
  • Higher security standards leveraging the latest mobile plugins and technology
  • Youreka can rollout new features faster utilizing this new framework

Improved Syncing

Get to your work on the mobile app faster than ever before, with reduced wait times while getting the correct data.

  • Faster sync times on the app for starting and prepping for offline, getting mobile workers ready for the job quicker and avoiding having customers wait while data syncs

  • Start working sooner when deeplinking into the app, as the app only gets the data needed for that record/form

  • Less time waiting for data to sync allows workers to be more productive

Enhanced 3D Model integration

Empowering field workers to deliver a higher quality of service by arriving to the job-site prepared to do the work, and reduce repeat visits.

  • Dynamically present 3D models within forms

  • “Touch” and maneuver an asset while completing work

  • Utilize all the latest ThreeKit capabilities including tags and complex 3D models

New Accelerators

  • Comm, Media and Tech
  • Sales and Lead
  • CPG & Retail

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Extension Packs

  • Template Versioning
  • Friendly Photos
  • Template Style

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Ohm Release Webinar

Don't forget to register for our Ohm Release Webinar with
Daniel Goldstein, VP Product Management and Gary Stom, Director of Product Management,


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