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Youreka Megawatt Release

Accelerating the Path to Service Excellence with New Features

Join us as we unpack the Megawatt Release with Daniel Goldstein, VP Product Management. We’ll cover spotlight features, demos, and take your questions.

  • Dabiel Goldstein

    Daniel Goldstein
    VP Product Management

Youreka for Windows Offline

Many customers use Windows computers and tablets in the field, now they can leverage Youreka forms alongside other Pulsar Salesforce apps, even offline.


Youreka in Salesforce Field Service Mobile (Beta)

This one app solution helps field workers complete their Work Orders and Forms in the same place. It uses configurable no code forms within the SFS Mobile app.

  • Field workers can receive their schedule and work orders in the Salesforce Field Service mobile app, run any flows or work plans and then capture the needed Youreka Forms all within the same app.


3D Model Integration

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When technicians are servicing or inspecting items while in the field, the Threekit integration allows them to have access to a 3D model of the piece of equipment they are working with. This 3D model allows them to virtually spin around, zoom in and work with complex asset explosion models as part of field service procedures.

In addition, the Threekit Augmented Reality experience will enable your mobile workforce to showcase assets during a sales conversation, allowing your customer to visualize the product in their physical space.


Industry-focused Accelerator Templates

Youreka’s Accelerator packages are available to help customers get immediate value for their investment with prebuilt fields, objects, automation, mobile field sets and form templates all included within the package.

Date Formulas

Give users the ability to view multiple date/time fields, and quickly understand how many minutes, hours, days are in between the two date/times. This feature’s outcomes display an elapsed time. This value can then be used to determine display logic, such as questions based upon a threshold being exceeded or not

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Enhanced Lookup Filters

When admins are creating filters on their custom formulas on questions, having Record-driven Lookup can prevent user mistakes by only offering lookup values that are allowed. Also, they help users find relevant items faster

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Megawatt Release Webinar

Don't forget to register for our Megawatt Release Webinar with Daniel Goldstein,
VP Product Management, on Wednesday, 13 July at 1pm ET.

Daniel Goldstein

Daniel Goldstein
VP Product Management


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