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Lighting the Path to Smarter Service!

Join us as we unpack the Lumen Release with Dan Bergner, Chief Product Officer. We’ll cover spotlight features, demos, and take your questions.

  • Kaliopi Vlastos

    Dan Bergner
    Chief Product Officer

Energy & Utilities Accelerator

Jump start your Youreka experience with prebuilt templates including: meter replacement, home energy audit, pre-job Covid checklist, and many more.

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Radio Buttons for Field Link Picklists

Add field links to a status picklist field and display all the different statuses as radio button options. For example, if you field link to a status picklist field, you can display all the different statuses as radio button options.

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Default Answers

Specify a default answer to a question when configuring a question in the template builder. For example, you want your first question, ‘Is the location safe?’ to have a default answer of ‘yes’ you can.

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Mobile App Custom Branding

Make the Youreka mobile app your own, apply your company logo and colors to the mobile app UI.
*Limited free trial - future paid feature. Please contact your CSM to learn more.

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New Logic for

Take formulas to the next level with if-else logic including greater than/less than/equal to evaluations.


Comparing answers expands to text and email questions. Provide your email address then confirm it or enter barcode numbers two times to ensure that they match.

Photo Naming

Auto-name photos with the question label by prompting end users to capture pictures and the image will be named accordingly

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