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Global manufacturing company increases sales expansion after standardizing their data collection process

  • 1000+

    Guided interactions each week
  • 200+

    Unique form templates live



  • Field reps were challenged with complex forms and surveys creating inefficient site visits
  • Manual process with dependency on field rep to identify opportunities to expand current market share
  • Inefficient data collection as human error created inconsistent site visit outcomes
  • Inconsistent forms deployed globally across the organization disrupted reporting and analysis


  • Configurable templates that could adapt to the specific environment being serviced were deployed simplifying the on-site process
  • Templates incorporated DiscoveriesTM and insights which assist end users to capture relevant and consistent data through guided processes
  • Form architecture created a scalable and reusable format, centrally managed for consistency

Value & Results

  • 1000+ guided interactions each week
  • 200+ unique form templates live
  • 4300 end users across the globe

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