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Youreka Kilowatt Release

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Available Tuesday, Dec. 14 at 12:30 ET.

In-Form Scores

Guide end users through simple questions that calculate complex scores then use them to drive next steps in the form or procedure with or without an internet connection.

Pindrop (Geolocation Question Type)

Easily record the current geolocation of your device with the tap of a button to enhance location tracking of assets, issues, or risks.

Smart Guided Lookups

End users can find the right product from a price book, SKU from an inventory list, or medication from a med list, etc by locating a specific record from a long or complex list by providing incremental details of the desired record.

Inbound Deeplink with Answer Values

  • Pre-populate answers in Youreka Mobile from a backend deeplink

Outbound Deeplink Updates

  • Need to pass data between apps offline? We’ve got you covered with updated behind-the-scenes code so your mobile apps stay in sync online or offline

E-signature Conversion to JPEG

  • Saving e-signatures just got easier by adding the option to save one as a JPEG image

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