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Accelerate Your Field Operations with the Youreka Illuminate Release

Youreka's Newest Features Are Now Available

Introducing Youreka Display Logic 3.0

Conditionally show and hide forms on Youreka Mobile

Configure display logic for entire section

Allow hidden questions to drive display logic

Drive display logic for linked sections with answers from standard sections

Roll up picklist values from linked sections and drive display logic

Roll up multiselect picklist values from linked section and drive display logic

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Snap a photo, extract the text, paste it in form fields.

With Youreka's latest AI feature, OCR, quickly and accurately enter important data points such as serial number, model number, asset number, etc., while reducing the room for error. Works both on or offline!


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Join Our Live Illuminate Demo

Want to see the new Youreka Illuminate features in action? Join us for a webinar and live demo as we detail the new release and take your questions.


Guided Mobile Error Resolution

Ever try to submit a mobile form, only to receive a submission error because there’s missing required information somewhere in the form? Now, Youreka will automatically guide you to each required question, resulting in fast error resolution and form submission

A note for our existing customers: Guided Mobile Error Resolution is a visible change to the user experience of the mobile app and will appear for any end-user who updates their mobile app. If you would like to notify your end users of the change, please be sure to do so as soon as possible.


Youreka + Salesforce Field Service

  • Field Link support for Work Order Line Items (WOLI)
  • Form Submission Behavior will allow you to pass form data from Youreka Mobile back to Field Service Mobile to kick off flows

New Mobile Experience Features

  • Guided Error Resolution
  • Optical Character Recognition(OCR)
  • Enhanced Lookup Windows(add additional fields to your lookup windows to ensure you select the right record)
  • Field links shared across forms will stay in sync online and offline in Youreka

Enhanced Mobile Admin Capabilities

  • New Serial Form Save Option– a setting to help customers with long running save proceses that need to avoid record lock

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